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Mission Statement


Why Are We Silent? was designed by a group of South African youth looking for ways in which to help have the difficult conversations.

We have created a blog space to encourage dialogue around current conflicts and issues facing our world today. In light of the current conflicts throughout the world, we feel it necessary to provide young people, who are perhaps afraid to voice their opinions, with a platform for discussion based on values of equality, tolerance and respect.

It is often the case that as individuals we feel removed from conflicts that occur in different parts of the world outside of our own regions. And yet, in our global community what effects one nation has an impact on us all. With this in mind, we want to develop a place where opinions are equally represented and are approached with respect and tolerance.

By creating the ‘Why Are We Silent?’ campaign, we aim to:

  • Provide a platform where the public are encouraged and free to express their opinions through discussions on matters that cross cultural, religious and social boundaries.
  • Provide access to information that is openly discussed and shared.
  • Create awareness around current issues.
  • Ask the difficult questions and challenge people to make global issues personal and relatable.

Core Values

In the creation of this site and the dialogue within it, we strive to uphold the following values:

  • Respect for different opinions
  • Acceptance of all faith and cultural traditions
  • Language that is not aggressive or harmful
  • Promoting a message of peace

We would like to encourage you to help make this space an effective open forum platform.

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